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B & A Management has had the honor of collaborating with Fortune 500 companies on local and regional marketing promotions in the Athens, GA area. Our experience on the ground means we’re a powerful asset for your business’s campaigns and publicity efforts. Like a fine suit, every service offered to B & A Managements clients are finely tailored based on specific products and targets. For strong and consistent performance that’ll leap out at you from a spreadsheet and engaging communication that brings a smile to customers’ faces, choose us for your new and current product promotions.
Our Award-Winning Management Training Program

Account Executive

The Account Executive is really the basics of the business. In this phase you will learn the clients' products and services and learn the retailers' culture.

Account Manager

The Account Manager takes everything that was learned in the Account Executive phase and starts to train and develop new Account Executives.

Assistant Manager

Once your training and developing skills have been mastered in the Account Manager position, you will learn the behind the scenes of market management.


As a Manager, your main responsibilities is managing the team of people and the local retail relationships. You will work hand in hand with the retailer and clients.


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